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Planning Ahead with a Pre-Paid Funeral

Pre-paid funerals are a way of putting funds aside to ensure that your loved ones can grieve their loss without the stress of choosing a Funeral Director and making choices they feel will reflect your life.

By pre-paying your funeral you can ensure that your wishes are carried out and lessen the financial burden on those left behind; whether the death of someone close to you is sudden or expected it can be a traumatic time and can make decision making difficult.

We can guide you through the process and decision making ahead of time and recommend a plan to suit you.

You can make decisions about the Funeral Director, transport, content of the funeral or cremation and much more.

Call us for a free consultation.

About Open Prepaid Funerals Limited

Open Prepaid Funerals Limited was formed in 2003 to provide a financially secure and ethical method of planning your funeral.

We are committed to the provision of your funeral through an Independent Funeral Director.

The Open Prepaid Funerals Trust Deed has been created in such a way that it protects both you, the plan holder, and the Funeral Director who has responsibility for the provision of your Open Prepaid Funeral in the Worcester and surrounding areas.

Open Prepaid Funerals are an FPA Registered Provider.